Regional Anaesthesia

Regional Anaesthesia

Pre-congress workshop for regional anaesthesia
University of Malaya

FACULTIES : Ahmad Afifi, Amiruddin Nik Mohamed Kamil, Azrin Mohd Azidin, Beh Zhi Yuen, Khoo Eng Lea, Lee Pui Kuan, Ling Kwong Ung, Mafeitzeral Mamat, Muhamad Rasydan, Shahridan Fathil, Shahnaz Hasan, Shereen Tang Suet Ping

FACILITATORS : Lim Siu Min, Lim Woon Lai, Nur Hafiizoh Abdul Hamid, Sabri Dewa

Morning session (9am – 1pm):

The delegates will get to watch live demonstration by RA experts from the Malaysian SigRA in models (simulated patients). They will showcase common regional blocks performed in orthopaedic and general surgery according to site of surgery: shoulder, wrist, breast, abdominal surgery, hip, knee and foot. Various peripheral nerve blocks technique can be employed to the site specific surgery.

The delegates will get to ask the experts the rational in selecting the type of blocks and its alternatives. Animated sonoanatomy, 3D anatomy, dissected segment (graphic) plus current paper discussion will be incorporated in the session to enhance learning and experience.

9am– 9.45am

1. Shoulder surgery – Shahridan, Khoo, Mafeitz

Demonstrate ultrasound guided interscalene block Demonstrate diaphragm sparring shoulder block technique including: Supraclavicular brachial plexus block – superior trunk block Combined suprascapular (anterior & posterior approach) – axillary

9.45am–10.30 am

2. Thoracic wall block for breast surgery, thoracotomy, rib fractures – Amiruddin, Afifi

Demonstrate ultrasound guided paravertebral
Demonstrate pectoral nerve block, serratus plane block
Demonstrate erector spinae plane block

10.30am- 11am


11am– 11.45 am

3. Abdominal wall block for abdominal surgery – Shereen, Pui Kuan, Rasydan

Demonstrate TAP block – lateral, subcostal, BD
Demonstrate rectus sheath block
Demonstrate quadratus lumborum block
Demonstrate ilioiinguinal block

11.45am–12.45 pm

4. Lower limb surgery – Azrin, Ling, Shahnaz

Hip surgery – lumbar plexus block, fascia iliaca block
Knee surgery – femoral nerve block, femoral triangle block, ACB,IPACK, SPANK
Foot surgery – saphenous nerve block, popliteal sciatic, proximal sciatic

112.45 PM – 2PM


Afternoon session (2pm – 5pm)

Hands on opportunities on live-model, arranged in small groups (high tutor to participant ratio to ensure sufficient guidance and interactive didactic lessons.

Skill Stations:

1. Upper limb (above clavicle): Khoo, Mafeitz, Siu Min
interscalene, supraclavicular brachial plexus block, combined suprascapular and axillary nerve block

2. Upper limb (below clavicle): Shahridan, Woon Lai, Beh
infraclavicular included costoclavicular, axillary brachial plexus block

3. Lower limb (anterior): Ling, Shahnaz, Sabri
femoral nerve block, femoral triangle block, adductor canal block, obturator, LFCN, fascia iliaca block

4. Lower limb (posterior): Azrin, Rasydan
proximal and distal sciatic nerve block, include IPACK, SPANK

5. Thoracic wall block: Amiruddin, Afifi, Beh
Paravertebral block, PECS, Serratus plane block, erector spinae block

6. Abdominal wall block: Shereen, Pui Kuan, Hafiizoh
TAP, QLB, Inguinal field, rectus sheath block

The Venue

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is a convention and exhibition centre at Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is part of the KLCC development. The hotel is 50 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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