Synopsis of Pre-Congress Workshops

Synopsis of Pre-Congress Workshops

Paediatric TIVA-TCI

This one-day workshop will provide a step-by-step guide and its clinical application of TIVA among children. Participants will have the opportunity to witness live interactive demos in operating theatres along with lectures plus lots of handy practical tips by our experienced facilitators.

General TIVA-TCI

This one-day TIVA-TCI Workshop is aimed at different groups of clinicians, the novice and experienced. There will be a series of presentations on the basic pharmacological principles of TIVA-TCI along with the application in various situations. Hands-on sessions will also be arranged to demonstrate real-life cases with the emphasis in the versatility of managing an TIVA-TCI anaesthetic.


This one-day workshop aims to familiarise the participants in managing the ever-rising number of obese patients when TIVA and/or TCI is used. There will be hands-on sessions, real-life cases, highlights on equipment and a few lectures on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and practical issues. 

*The subscription for Obese Patients has been fully booked.

Regional Anaesthesia

This one-day workshop presented by the Malaysian Special Interest Group in Regional Anaesthesia (SigRA) will showcase common regional blocks performed in orthopedic and general surgery related to the surgical sites: shoulder, wrist, breast, abdominal surgery, hip, knee and foot. Animated sonoanatomy, 3D anatomy, dissected segment (graphic) and current publication is incorporated into the workshop to enhance learning and experience along with the chance to ask the experts with regards to the rationale for selecting the type of blocks and its alternatives. The afternoon session entails hands-on opportunities on live-models, arranged in small groups, to ensure high tutor to participant ratio, sufficient guidance and interactive didactic lessons.

Advanced Monitoring for ERAS

This one-day workshop lays out the different aspects anaesthesiologists can apply to achieve ERAS in our daily practice. The morning session comprising of lectures covering advanced monitoring, directed fluid therapy, optimum nutrition and appropriate analgesia, will be followed later in the afternoon by round robin sessions of implementing what has been presented in the morning.

Ventilation Workshop

This one-day workshop features presentations on respiratory mechanics, common modes and updates in mechanical ventilation. Participants will be guided on how operative and manage various ventilatory settings, followed by case discussions of normal and challenging clinical situations.


This half-day workshop is the perfect opportunity to familiarise those unfamiliar with the use of BIS and its clinical application in navigating through the delivery of TIVA for general anaesthesia. The interactive software allows the test of clinical knowledge and application on simulated anaesthesia management, which includes BIS-guided titration for various scenarios. This workshop aims to deliver and sharpen the confidence and skill required for one to provide intravenous anaesthesia safely and optimally with the guidance of BIS.

The Venue

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is a convention and exhibition centre at Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is part of the KLCC development. The hotel is 50 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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